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As of 2017 there are 279 Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) in force around the world. The ever-growing number of regional trade agreements is a prominent feature of international trade, and one that is becoming increasingly complex. Already RTAs span more than 50% of global trade, and along with the global multilateral agreements under WTO, this is becoming increasing complex for organisations running global and regional businesses. Such effects have increased the cost of doing business as well as increased the risks associated to geopolitical tensions.

PBEC was born in 1967 - a time when regional trade was nascent in Asia-Pacific, and few governments were ready to shoulder the responsibility of negotiating trade agreements. So a group of business leaders around the Pacific took it upon themselves to meet regularly and work with their respective governments to develop frameworks to facilitate international trade.

Now - 50 years later - PBEC continues its mission as the independent voice of responsible business and trade across the Pacific Basin.
We believe that through cooperation and the exchange of ideas, the private sector can work with governments to promote significant growth and prosperity across Asia and the Pacific.

In 2016, the PBEC Trade Matters project was initiated to provide a no-nonsense business friendly guide to the trade agreements in the Pacific Rim. A resource to help business leaders understand these agreements in a language that makes sense. A guide that is continuously updated and revised to keep our readers abreast of changes that may have an impact on their business decisions.

I hope you find our guide useful, and I welcome any feedback you may have.


Andrew Weir
Pacific Basin Economic Council


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