Organisational Structure



Chairmanship of the ASEAN rotates annually within the member states, in alphabetical order.

The Chairmanship extends to the ASEAN Summit and related summits, the ASEAN Coordinating Council, the three ASEAN Community Councils, relevant ASEAN Sectoral Ministerial Bodies and senior officials, and the Committee of Permanent Representatives.3

The ASEAN Summit meets once or twice a year to initiate and discuss new agreements and set ASEAN’s strategic direction across its three communities.

The ASEAN Coordinating Council acts as the administrator of the ASEAN Summit and is responsible for overseeing the three ASEAN Community Councils (the Economic Community, the Socio-Cultural Community, and the Political and Security Community) and reporting on their activities to the ASEAN Summit.

The Community Councils are responsible for the progression of the three community blueprints and oversee the ASEAN Sectoral Ministerial Bodies, which are directly responsible for the officials and subsidiary bodies that perform the functions of the communities.

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